Kodiak Kingfisher

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Kodiak, Alaska


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Touring Kodiak Island is a must. Viewing our island from the water aboard the C/V Ad Astra will astound you! There is unparalled beauty and opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife. On every outing you will see a variety of seabirds, bobbing on the water, nesting on cliffs, and flying overhead. It is common for us to see whales, harbor seals, Stellar sealion rookeries, sea otters, and a variety of porpoise. This island was also home to a historic WWII base. Bunkers and gun emplacements are visible from many points on the water. In addition, commercial fishing and research vessels may be seen while touring our beautiful bays.

If you would like to tour the island by road, here is what you might see: Bald ealges and large, vocal ravens who entertain us daily. Deer, foxes, and bear. Yes, the famous Kodiak Brown bear! The roads also lead to our beautiful rivers, teeming with salmon! There are numerous hiking trails and beautiful beaches to spend some time on.

Our land tours will cover most of the island's road system, which includes State Parks to see World War II relics, museums, cannery row, and the harbors. Also, a drive up to the top of Pillar Mountain has a spectacular panoramic view of town and the outlying bays.